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Most Affordable 2.49 Acres in Fast Growing Palmdale, CA W/ Easy Owner Financing

Payment Options Payment Note(s) $5,000 down and $399/mo for 60 months + $249…

Payment Options

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$18,500 + $249 Doc Fee
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$28,940 ($5,000 down and $399/mo for 60 months) + $249 Doc Fee
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Payment Note(s)

$5,000 down and $399/mo for 60 months + $249 Doc Fee


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Any questions of what you can or cannot build, can or cannot do on the property should be directed to the county Planning and Zoning Department.

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Property Description:

*This is a Pre-Listing*

Most Affordable 2.49 Acres in Fast Growing Palmdale, CA

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This parcel is located off of 40th St E on the Southwest end of Palmdale, CA. This gem of a property offers privacy and the perfect blend of remote living with the convenience Palmdale being just a few minutes away. 

This property includes two adjacent lots, we are selling both lots in a bundle. One of the parcels is 81,754 square feet and the adjacent lot is 26,871 square feet. The benefit of this is that you have two separate parcel IDs. That means you can sell one and keep the other. Give on to a family member, or you can build additional units by having two separate parcel numbers. 

In the last decade, Palmdale has exploded with growth. This is truly one of the last affordable sections of Southern California that’s left. 


Discounted Cash Price: $18,500

Easy Owner Financing with $5,000 down and $399/mo for 60 months 

State: CA

County: Los Angeles

Zip Code: 93550

Acreage: 2.49 Acres

APN: Coming Soon

Power: Please contact local utility company

Water: Please contact local utility company

Legal Description (smaller lot): LOT COM AT SE COR OF W 23 ACS OF N 100 ACS OF SW 1/4 OF SEC 8 T 5N R 11W TH W ON S LINE OF N 100 ACS OF SD SW 1/4 79.81 FT TH N 0¢09’25” W TO S LINE OF LAND DESC IN DOC NO 543, 5-15-68 TO STATE OF CALIF TH N 77¢53’30” E TO A PT N 0¢09’25” W FROM BEG TH S 0¢09’25” E TO BEG PART OF SW 1/4 OF SEC 8 T 5N R 11W

Legal Description (Bigger Lot): LOT COM AT SE COR OF W 20 ACS OF N 100 ACS OF SW 1/4 OF SEC 8 T 5N R 11W TH N 0¢09’25” W TO S LINE OF LAND DESC IN DOC NO 540, 5-15-68 TO STATE OF CALIF TH S 77¢53’30” W TO SW COR OF SD LAND TH SE ON A CURVE CONCAVE TO NE (R=150 FT) TO A PT W ON S LINE OF N 100 ACS OF SD SW 1/4 332.08 MORE OR LESS FT AND N 24¢44’47” E FROM BEG TH S 24¢44’47” W 265.53 FT TH E ON SD S LINE TO BEG PART OF SW 1/4 OF SEC 8 T 5N R 11W

Annual Taxes: $236.49 (for both lots)

Coordinates (Approx Center, buyer to verify): 34.53142°N 118.06121°W

All Corner Coordinates (for both lots combined, buyer to verify, these are approximations:

34.53172°N 118.06194°W
34.53164°N 118.06180°W
34.53098°N 118.06216°W
34.53098°N 118.06080°W
34.53192°N 118.06081°W

Use Code: 010V (Vacant Land)
0 = Residential
1 = Single Family Residence
0 = Unused or Unknown Code (No Meaning)
V = Vacant Land

In case of financing, please note that there will be a $5 processing charges per month and the yearly taxes/(HOA & POA if any) will be prorated into your monthly payments.

Some of these photos are from the surrounding area.

DISCLAIMER: Any information provided in this communication is believed to be accurate, but in no way guaranteed. Buyer is responsible for verifying all information with the County as to what can and can’t be done with the property. Buyer will need to work with the County to obtain the proper permits if needed. Buyer will also need to confirm the availability of any utilities needed or serviced on the property. Seller makes no warranties or representations about the land, its condition, or what can be built on the property. If/when you visit any of our properties, you are visiting at your own risk and release TLP – The Land Pioneer (and anyone associated) from any and all claims or liabilities.

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Contact Local Utility Company



Contact Local Utility Company



34.53142°N 118.06121°W